Frequently Asked Questions 

Why such a big deal about greening holidays?

The picture to the left is an actual picture of a dumpster in downtown Los Angeles. That is one dumpster from one business in one week. Imagine what a year’s worth of this would look like…imagine this times 100. The mountain of textile trash goes to landfills every single day.After Halloween, approximately 65 TONS of Halloween costumes and decorations goes into landfills every year.

How does this costume swap work?


Bring 1 costume and swap it for a new-to-you costume. Bring 3 and swap 3. 
If you bring more then one costume but only want to swap 1, you can donate the other two to a local youth/teen. We especially need teen costumes. 
Costumes must be gently used cleaned costumes and wearble at the time of drop-off. 

What kind of costumes can I bring?


CLEAN, freshly laundered, gently used costumes and costume accessories for babies, kids, teenagers, adults and pets (pets are not allowed in the market). We cannot accept items that are dirty or heavy used or broken.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that you WASH your stuff before you bring it! DON’T bring clothes with holes or large or very bad stains – it will not be accepted and you won’t be able to Swap it.

If you bring a mask or costume accessory, you can swap for a new-to-you mask or costume accessory. Want a full costume but only have a mask or costume accessory?

If I bring 5 costumes can I take 5? 


Everyone is to use their best judgment. If you bring 5 costumes you can only Swap for up to 5 complete costumes.
If your child is 2 years old don’t take size 4 costume because it’s “cute” or a brand name.

Please remember that extra costumes will be given to local homeless kids and teenagers and will be given to those who donate for costumes at noon so that we can do this event next year.

Don’t hoard Only take what you need.

The DO’s and DONT’s of having a great Costume Swap experience 



  • Have Fun
  • Wash your costumes before you bring them in
  • Bring your own re-usable bags
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Support the sponsors, vendors, and those who have donated 
  • Volunteer


  • Don’t bring junk, dirty, broken or costumes with holes. A little tape, wear and tear is ok, but ask yourself “if you wouldn’t wear it or allow your child to wear it would someone else?
  • Don’t hoard
  • Don’t take stuff that that is too big or too small for you or or your child
  • Don’t be aggressive ~ Costume Swaping is all about having fun, meeting future friends and getting new ideas for Halloween.