About Us

001ec97909631412122b07Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m Alex, originally from China but just moved to LA after four years in London. It was only after working with several fashion blogs in my former job that I realized I wanted to start my own. Obviously there were many amazing ones out there, but I wasn’t always convinced by the quality and the “real-factor”. I myself loved themed blogs – which gave me a feeling of doing something special – the most. Not much later I jumped into the deep and launched this blog. There is no exciting story about the name. It was literally that Jane – my wife – and I were brainstorming for names and it was her idea to make something simple. And even though there is no fancy story behind the name of my blog, I still feel good about it. It’s my brand name and we became one.

Over the past four years my blog became my full-time job. From the start I spent every available second on it. This became a bit tougher when I had my little boy Tom. Suddenly I was a father and had my own business. I quickly learned that I had to become a master in planning in order to make this work. Jane has always been very supportive, which gave me the space and freedom to keep doing what I love.