Costumes For Your Kids Birthday Party

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Long gone are the days where the best costume party for kids was clowns!!

I’m so glad because clowns kinda freak me out lol. I’m going to go through some popular costumes for the adults to dress in and then run through some of the more poplar characters that the kids are wanting these days, and finish off with some costume ideas for the kids. Lots of parents not too long ago were jonesing for the Barney the dinosaur costume for their kid’s parties.

That was a very popular one, but not so much anymore. The clown costume is still an option if you want to give your kid the same experience as you. Although, typically clowns were at circuses and those seem to be fading out of society.

Let’s dig into the most popular costumes that your kids do want at their birthday party.

Right now characters from Frozen are still super popular.

Your kids may want Anna, Elsa, or Olof.

Anyone from Paw Patrol or a superhero, these are the most popular that I see. When children dress up for parties there is usually a theme. Pirate parties are a lot of fun for both girls and boys.

Tea parties or princess parities for little girls are still a standard.

princess costumes

All the Disney princesses can be found in the costume shop and just plain princess dresses can be found too.


PJ Mask, Paw Patrol, and the Ninja Turtles are great costume themes for little boys.

Ninja Turtles costumes

Lego and Starwars are still popular and a new trend emerging is shopkins. Shopkins would be a great theme for boys and girls. Harry Potter, Moana, Alana of Avalon, Shimmer and Shine are some of the newer ones. Harry Potter, I guess not so much. Harry Potter would be a great one for the whole family to enjoy.

Well, by now I’m just listing all the characters and if you have kids, they are for sure going to tell you what they what to dress up as at their birthday party. Its nice to give all these kids a break from school and get into their creative minds and plan a costume party.



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You Might Consider Getting A Costume For…….

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I cut it a bit short on my last post about All The Days That Need Costumes.

I got throughout the whole year…

I touched on all the holidays that the average person was aware that people were dressing up for and needing costumes. In this blog post, I’ll take you through some of the lesser known holidays that people come to me in need of costumes.

In January on Martin Luther King Day we do get some people coming in and looking for those signature black suit and classes that Dr. King wore.

Chinese new year is a big one for us. It is tradition that you buy a new costume and dress up and adorn yourself.

Costumes should fit the mood of the event and be creative.

In February, there’s Mardi Gras.

Maybe I should’ve mentioned it in my first post. You definitely need a costume for this even.

Costumes can be pretty lavish, think Vegas! Also lots of beaded necklaces.

The more the better. Crazy hats, dressing up as a king, masquerade masks, and feather boas are all part of the costumes on Mardi Gras.

Diwali is another exceptionally fun holiday to dress up for. This holiday requires the brightest Indian garb you can find. These bright colors reflect the joy of the holiday.

Thanksgiving is a time where I see some people in need of a turkey costume, pilgrims outfits, and sometimes Native American wear.

New Year’s Eve!!! This is getting more and more popular to dress up for. I’ve seen a rise in themed parties for New Year requiring guests to dress for the occasion. Also many people may just want a fun costume to go out downtown.

Lots of clubs like their patrons to dress up and help get people in the door. It may help you stand out in the crowd and get into the hard to get into clubs.

Cheers to dressing up for all these fun holidays!!

PS. On a bit of a side note you can put some what of a permanent costume on your car by getting your windows tinted… I thought of mentioning that because I just got window tinting for my car and it really changes the look of it.

Window Tinting costume


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All The Days That Need Costumes

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Maybe the majority of you only think Halloween is a good time for a costume?

You might be surprised to find out all the days of the year that you might be in need of a good costume.

I’ll breeze through the months of the year, letting you know what the average person gets a costume for what occasion.

Then I’ll go a little deeper in depth and let you know some of the lesser events throughout the year that people request costumes.

Maybe it will be in this blog or another one, depending on how much comes out in this blog.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the first Day in the year where you might need a little bit of costume.

Some women like to get together and go out and dress up for the girls night. We have many costumes for that. Parents love to buy some valentines necklaces and party hats and boas for their kids.



saint patrick's day

St. Patrick’s Day is the next day where people like to have a little fun dressing up.

Fun mardi gras bead necklaces for night drinking green beer on the town.

I’ve had people come in and dress up as leprechauns or come buy some red dye for their hair.

People have a really great spirit in dressing up for st. patricks day.

More so then valentines day.

Headbands with clovers on them, light up necklaces, and green top hats.

Always fun to dress up a bit and go have a green beer with friends.

July 4th

July 4th people like to have a bit of fun dressing up.

Just like the previous holidays mostly just kitschy fun things. Big red, white, and blue top hats, beaded necklaces, maybe dressing up like a founding father.

Nothing to crazy that you might see walking down the street, but I guarantee someone at the fourth of July barbeque is wearing a little costume dress up for this holiday.

Then we come to Halloween, busy season for the costume industry.

Here it is. You really have to think of your costume in advance. Our costumes go quick. All the best get taken fast. I’ll have to do a post about what the favorite costumes of the year were. Each year there’s a particular costume that everyone wants to dress up on.

Kinda like how there’s a popular kids toy at Christmas. We have to make sure we are on our A game for this. Such a fun time to see peoples creativity flow. Haha, I’ll have to blog about that too. The craziest and the best original costumes I’ve seen.

Lastly, you may not think Christmas is a time for costume, but think again. Ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage!! I can’t keep up. People are having contests at work and parties at home. Who has the best ugliest sweater has really caught on. Now I even have to compete with Target.

This past Christmas, target had a whole section of ugly dresses and sweaters. Usually, in previous years, people had to look all year at their local thrift stores to find that jewel of a sweater. Now there are brand new ones in the stores!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on Days That Need Costumes



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5 Reasons To Swap Your Halloween Costume

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5 Reasons To Swap Your Halloween Costume

There are numerous reasons why children are excited when the holiday season begins. One of the most popular holidays is definitely Halloween because children get to dress up in costumes and have fun with their friends getting candy around the block. Still, it can be particularly difficult to create Halloween costumes every year and if you are a parent you should really think about swapping your children Halloween costumes namely due to the following reasons.

  1. Costume Swaps In Los Angeles Are No Novelty

Costume swaps in Los Angeles are no novelty and in fact the idea of costumes what has been present for a while in the Los Angeles area, so the chances are that you have probably already heard of this practice. There are amazing costumes to be found in the costume swaps which are organised in Los Angeles and it can certainly provide you with a great costume but it can also give you the amazing opportunity to pass on your costume to someone else.


  1. Getting An Amazing Costume!

Getting an amazing costume can be rather difficult, since there are many things you should think about. You can find a great costume only if you have a uniquely here and if you devote enough time and money to developing a great costume. That being said, if you find a great costume that you used over and over again it can be rather boring in the end. That is why costume swaps are so amazing. You get the opportunity to get someone else that costume for a day and you don’t have to worry about it for a longer period of time.

thumb halloween_0

  1. Mixing It Up

As it has been previously mentioned costume swaps will give you the opportunity to mix up your routine when it comes to Halloween or other holiday that require of you to wear a costume and it will really express your creativity in a different way. That being said even if you choose to swap your costume you can always add a little flare to your next costume and really improve it for someone else the next time you swap it.

thumb halloween3

  1. Saving Money

It is needless to emphasise this aspect of costuming in particular, but it definitely requires a decent amount of money in order to be able to make a costume that you have envisioned. In addition to that, you will not be able to wear one in the same costume over and over every year, so it can be definitely a strain on your wallet as well. If you choose what costume that you will not only save money but you will also give you are amazing costumes someone else to enjoy.

  1. Time And Elaborate Costumes

Elaborate costumes also require a lot of time and diligent work in order to be able to make them happen. If you are someone who likes to work on your costumes, if you choose a swap them you will sure the excitement with someone else or perhaps that will have time to put so much work in a costume.

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Welcome to our blog roll. with will be our first blog post with many more to come. thanks so much for stopping by, we really hope you enjoy it here.

We will post all kinds of costume posts…

Please Like, Comment and Share our blogs with your family and friends.

let us know what you like and what you don’t like…. what you want more of and what you want less of.


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Farmers Market Bag

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The next time you go to the Farmers Market make sure to bring a big Bag to put all your stuff in that you want to get.

We love farmers markets. many family’s do and ours is one of those family’s that do for sure… all the fresh foods are so good.


What are you favorite farmers markets? and what kind of bags do you like to bring there? where do you get your bags from?


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Pirates vs Zombies

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Leave a comment and let us know where you would go, Pirates vs Zombies?

what do you say? what would you rather be? Which one the more afraid of? Which one would you have more fun with?

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