Childrens Black Spider Costume

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Are you looking for a children’s black spider costume? Well then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find an amazing selection of costumes for all occasions and in all shapes and sizes!

If this isn’t the style of children’s black spider costume you were looking for.. don’t despair! Come in and see what other choices we have to offer!

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Avatar Costume 2014 Costume

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Our 2014 Halloween Costumes 

Welcome To “BestAvatarCostume”, Home of The 2013 Halloween Avatar Costume.


Pay homage to your favorite big-screen sci-fi flick from legendary director James Cameron – Avatar – by shopping our site for the best avatar costume. Just picture yourself all decked out as one of the main characters in the film, or better yet, go as the film’s leading couple, Colonel Jake Sulley and Neytiri! You’ll find everything on our site that you need to transform yourself, your date, your kids and your friends into a true smash hit at a costume party, masquerade ball, or other event. If you’re looking to “go blue”, then our site is your one-stop solution for “all things” Avatar.

Welcome to BestAvatarCostume, the internet’s top destination to find the best costumes from the James Cameron movie, Avatar!  Avatar was a smash at the box office, and now you can find Avatar costumes that will transform you into your favorite characters from the film.

Who will you be in your Avatar costume?  Will you choose to be the oddly attractive yet blue-faced Neytiri, the daughter of Mo’at and Eytukan, Na’vi clan leaders? Or will you choose to become Colonel Jake Sulley, Neytiri’s love interest?   Jake and Neytiri will also make a great Avatar couple’s costume.  No matter which Avatar character you choose to explore, you will find the perfect Avatar costume on this site.  We are committed to making you look like a character straight out of the movie!

Avatar Costume Tips

The word avatar means representing one’s self.  The tips below will help you to accentuate the Avatar costume that you choose in a way that will make you look like you just stepped off the set of the movie itself.

  • Avatar skin.  The most important part of your Avatar persona is your skin. It has to be blue.  Carefully choose a blue body paint to go with your Avatar costume that is as close as possible to the “real thing”.  Perhaps the best way to do this is to refer back to a picture of an Avatar when making your purchase.
  • Avatar hair.  Purchase an Avatar costume that comes with an appropriate wig so that your look will be complete.
  • Ears.  Avatar ears are unique and will help to create the look that you are going for. Be sure that you choose ears with your Avatar costume so that you’ll be able to fool your friends.
  • Avatar weapons.  Your Avatar costume will be incomplete without the addition of the right fake weaponry.

These tips and the right Avatar costume will have you looking like you’re ready to join the Na’vi clan!

One of the hottest movies to come out recently was Avatar.  It was released in December of 2009 and was an instant hit.  Avatar appealed to a wide audience which includes children and adults.  Those who enjoy fantasy and science fiction movies also are huge fans of Avatar and there are even online websites were fans can learn the native language of the Na’vi.

After the initial theater release, the interest in this film has not waned.  There have been many releases of the DVD with some including extra features and added scenes that were not included in the original.  These versions are nearly more popular than the original movie was when it was released.

With Halloween coming up, many are thinking of donning an Avatar costume and becoming, for one night, one of the Na’vi.  This is why we decided to start our own website, BestAvatarCostume in March of this year.  Anyone who is looking for an Avatar costume for Halloween or any other dress-up occasion can find one right here with ease.

This is the place to come for all of the Avatar costumes for any member of the family.  Just click on the store link to be taken to the easy and safe ordering page.  Not only are these the best Avatar costumes, but they are also very affordable for any budget.

The costumes are shipped directly to your home after the payment is cleared.  All items are in stock now so get your order placed so they can arrive before Halloween.  For any questions or comments, you can contact us by using the contact link on this page. It’s that easy!

Are you ready for your Avatar costume?

We hope you will find what you are looking for… if by any chance you want to contact us with any questions, problems, please do it throw the contact us page.

Best Avatar Costume 2012 – “On Sale” –

Avatar Movie – Sexy Neytiri Adult Costume – “On Sale” –


Have an Avatar Based Halloween Costume Party

Halloween is one time of year when people can escape the reality that is their lives and become someone completely different.   Children and adults alike enjoy dressing up and pouring over all of the hot costumes of the season.  This year, the hottest movie is also one of the most popular costume choices.  The Avatar Movie by James Cameron has created a huge market for costumes that are related to the movie.  Why be out of the loop when you can have an Avatar based Halloween costume party?

There are many ways that you can dress up in an Avatar costumes but if you are not as familiar with the movie as others, you may need some Avatar costume ideas to help get you started.  The movie is full of many memorable characters, but it is based on the love story between Jake and Neytiri.  The following is a description of what these character costumes offer the buyer:

  • Avatar Jake Sully Costume – Jake Sully is a Marine who lost the use of his legs.  His brother was signed up for the Avatar program but died so Jake was called in to take his place even though he did not have the proper training.  The movie follows Jake through his learning of the Na’vi and his romance with Neytiri.  Soon, this hardcore marine, who promised to help with the taming or annihilation of the Na’vi, falls in love not only with Neytiri but with the planet of Pandora too.  The Avatar Jake Sully Costume comes complete with the shirt just like the one Jake wears along with a Jake mask and pants with the famous tail.
  • Avatar Neytiri Costume – With this costume, any lady can become the sexy Neytiri who wins Jake Sully’s heart.  She is a fierce defender of her home planet and has a hatred of the aliens who are trying to destroy her planet and home.  She falls in love with Jake as she is teaching him how to become a true Na’vi.  The Avatar Neytiri costume is a sexy one piece cat suit that is made out of blue material and has the black details that are found in the movie.  The beads that she wears as well as the apron skirt are also included.  Any woman would feel sexy when wearing this costume.
  • Accessories – There are also some accessories that are a must have to go along with the avatar costumes for adults.  Purchase the spear that Jake uses to make the costume more realistic looking.  For Neytiri, there is a makeup kit, blue eyelashes and wig to make the wearer look more realistic.  Every Na’vi needs a good bow when they go hunting so make this a part of the costume too.
  • Avatar Costumes for Kids – The Avatar costumes for kids come with all of the same details as the adult ones do.  They are just sized and fitted for the smaller bodies.  There are many different types of the Avatar Na’vi costume for the kids to make them look little small versions of their adult counterparts.

To make your party complete, you need purchase the Avatar movie deluxe party kit that comes complete with all of the party supplies you need.  There are plates, cups, cutlery, balloons, napkins, invitations and much more.  There is also an Avatar party favor kit that can be purchased for the young Halloween party guests that includes stickers, a lollipop and more.

Anyone who wants to be in the loop for Halloween this year needs to have an Avatar based Halloween party with all of the decorations to make it memorable.  There are cheap Avatar costumes for the kids and the adults and the great accessories are also very affordable too.

Buying Your Avatar Costume

Avatar was one of the most popular movies in recent memory, and there’s little wonder why! After all, James Cameron and his team spent millions of dollars to bring this love story/sci fi thriller to life. You can find the best Avatar costume when you shop online, since there is greater selection online, and many times, the best prices. When choosing an online costume, be sure to take proper measurements before ordering and refer to the size chart for the costume. Although most online retailers have liberal return policies, it can be a bit daunting to get a costume that does not fit! Get it right the first time: measure!

Proper Measurements for Your Avatar Costume

Don’t be ‘blue’ by buying a costume that does not fit right! When choosing the best Avatar costume for Halloween or masquerade, it is important to go for proper fit. An ill-fitting costume can be less than comfortable, and if you are not comfortable, you won’t enjoy yourself to the fullest. Measure around your chest, waist, and thighs and compare these measurements to the size chart for the costume and you will find that you look uncannily like a character out of this fabulous James Cameron movie! Be sure to also stock up on the right Avatar accessories to go with your costume, and think about going as a couple!

Best avatar costume

Are you bored of all the contemporary Halloween costumes that have been worn year after year? Are you looking for something truly different? Or are you simply in love with the Avatar style? Regardless of your reasons, the Avatar costume is bound to make this year’s costume party, a ball in your court!

The Avatar costumes are inspired by the Avatar, a movie based on a mythological planet of blue-skinned aliens with a rather appealing sense of style. The avatar costume has a few different variants that have been moulded over the characters of Neytiri and Jake Sully.

The avatar costume for females is an absolute must-have for any woman who wants all heads turned! Moulded after Neytiri, the female star in Avatar, this costume is available in all sizes including plus sizes. The costume is a body hugging blue leotard with designs replicating the marked skin of the Na’vi. The costume is complete with an apron like skirt in a brown hue as well as strings of brown clay beads. The Neytiri avatar costume creates an illusion of revealing everything without revealing anything at all, making it the ideal costume for all women to bring out the divas in them.

The Jake Sully costume is the Avatar costume for men. Jake Sully is the human man in Avatar who risks everything by standing with the Na’vi people to save them from certain extinction. The Jake Sully avatar costume is cool, laid back and yet effortlessly the man of the party. It comprises of a blue leotard, full length khakis and a khaki full over jacket. You can choose to wear a black shirt below the jacket or show off your toned abdomen.

The complete look of the Avatar costume is best achieved with the pairing of the costume with appropriate accessories.

Recently the hottest movie was released and that movie is none other than Avatar. The movie was a super hit across the globe. Be it a teenager or a kid or an adult everybody loved the concept of the movie and they were appealed by it. Fantasy and science fiction is the main theme line of the movie. People enjoyed this movie and the characters in there have made a huge impact on peoples mind.

Now you also get some of the most famous avatar costume as well. Now you don’t have to go anywhere to look for your avatar costume. Avatar costumes are very eye catching and very attractive. Kids are mostly attracted by this and they would any day love to wear avatar costume and go for their fancy dress party or any theme party. Avatar costume can also be a very appropriate for the upcoming Halloween party. If you are looking for a dress or a costume which is suitable for your Halloween party which will look good as well as stand out then you should definitely try one as this will be the best and very trendy costume and will any day look very attractive and it is also appropriate for the theme of Halloween as well and to buy this costume the best place would be the bestavatarcostume. This web site is totally dedicated to the avatar costume and they try to provide you with the best of the costumes which would be as per your need.

Halloween is right around the corner and people have started shopping for the costume as well and if you are also looking for a perfect costume for the final day and you not finding one then you should try finding it on the bestavatarcostume that is the best place where you can get a complete attire from head to toe to make you completely dressed for the final day and you don’t have to worry about the costume and the size. This web site will give you many options in costume type and in sizes as well and there are descriptions also written there so that it becomes easier for a person to know about the product.

So what are you waiting for log on to the web site and start shopping and get the best costume and prepare well for your Halloween party.

The movie Avatar is about a marine who is trying to find a way to walk again.  He is a paraplegic who yearns to feel the ground at his feet. He was informed that he could find answers by going to Pandora.  Pandora is land inhabited by the Na’vi.  The Na’vis are blue creatures who respect and live one with nature.

The humans aim to collect a valuable type of mineral that is indigenous to the planet and the source they wish to take from is a tree that connects all living things on the planet.  The beautiful but awesome special effects have made the movie one of the biggest CG films of all time.  The blue Na’vis are beautiful creatures and their look would make a promising costume.

The best avatar costumes to choose from are out there and all it takes is a little browsing.  Express your love for nature as a Na’vi who is devoted to the living beings on the planet.  Not many can pull-off such an exotic look but you can experiment with more styles to make your costume more original.

Be up to date with the different films and you will find that many other people are going with movie themed costumes, especially during Halloween.  Both kids and parents alike are waling arounf the neighborhood dressed as their favorite character in a movie or cartoon.  The time of ghouls, ghosts and zombies are no longer as popular at present.  Go all out during Halloween because this is the only time of the year you could be something you always dreamed of becoming.  Be the hero, be the super star, or be the nightmare you always wanted to portray.  Everyone is doing it, so you might as well join in the fun and feel good about it.

At BestAvatarCostume we have a complete selection of all your favorite Avatar characters. You can find individual costumes or even get matching sets. Your friends will adore the Neytiri and Colonel Jake Sulley matching couples set. Bring alive the Avatar movie this Halloween with our realistic costumes. You can opt to do your own face paint, wig and ears to give yourself that real Avatar look, or you can buy one of our Avatar masks. These masks will blow your friends away with their life like quality. So, browse through our wide selection of Avatar accessories and turn yourself into the Avatar you want to be.

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Childrens Forest Robin Hood Costume

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You’re child will be ready for adventure in this Robin Hood costume. Robin Hood was known as a hero to the peasants of Sherwood Forest but was a wanted man by the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was after Robin Hood for stealing from the rich to give to the poor. This Robin Hood costume features a faux suede tunic with an attached long sleeve white shirt underneath with a lace up notch neck with collar and trim around the cuffs and sleeves. The tunic has a medieval contrast hemline that matches the included zippered boot covers. The forest Robin Hood costume also includes a hat with feather trim and a pouch for the belt that is great for carrying a cell phone or glow-sticks when trick or treating. Halloween costumes are available in sizes that fit most children between the ages of 8 and 12.

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Adult 80s Pop Party Costume

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This costume is like, totally awesome! Inspired by the pop princesses of the 1980s, who found their way to fame on MTV, the Adult 80s Pop Party Costume is one that’s, like, for sure to be a hit! Lace, mesh, and neon were the key trends in 1980s fashion, and this pop party costume has all of those things! The adult pop party costume features an off the shoulder dress with a black top printed with a neon paint splatter effect, and a pink tutu skirt with animal print trim and a black lace overlay. Pop party costumes also include a black lace hair tie and fishnet glovelettes. The other big trend of the 80s was accessories, so layer on necklaces, bangles, jelly bracelets, multiple earrings in bright vibrant colors, and of course, a totally awesome pair of legwarmers. Halloween costumes have never been so rad! This is a great costume to wear on Halloween, or to your next 80s themed party.

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Let parents know you are a Green Halloween Trick-or-Treat Neighbor Print the sign & place it on your door.

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ChicoBag and Green Halloween Design Contest

Click on the picture to get your ChicoBag Contest Template 

From their website: How to Enter:The contest is open to children ages 1-13 as of November 5, 2011. Create a design that best captures the “Spirit of a Green Halloween” using the ChicoBag design template and your medium of choice! Be sure to have a parent or guardian complete the agreement from on the reverse side of the design template.

Entries may be submitted via snail mail (print) or electronically (.jpeg or .pdf format). All entries must include artwork and a completed and signed agreement form.  Mail entries to ChicoBag Company, c/o Halloween Contest, 13434 Browns Valley Drive, Chico, CA 95973

See website for prize details

Prizes:1st Place: $250 cash to the artist, ChicoBag® brand reusable bag filled with eco-friendly goodies from our prize partners, elements of design printed on limited edition ChicoBag brand reusable bags and $250 cash or $500 in ChicoBag product to go to school or organization

2nd Place: $100 cash to the artist and a ChicoBag brand reusable bag filled with eco-friendly goodies from our prize partners

3rd Place: ChicoBag brand reusable bag filled with eco-friendly goodies from our prize partners

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Costumes For Your Kids Birthday Party

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Long gone are the days where the best costume party for kids was clowns!!

I’m so glad because clowns kinda freak me out lol. I’m going to go through some popular costumes for the adults to dress in and then run through some of the more poplar characters that the kids are wanting these days, and finish off with some costume ideas for the kids. Lots of parents not too long ago were jonesing for the Barney the dinosaur costume for their kid’s parties.

That was a very popular one, but not so much anymore. The clown costume is still an option if you want to give your kid the same experience as you. Although, typically clowns were at circuses and those seem to be fading out of society.

Let’s dig into the most popular costumes that your kids do want at their birthday party.

Right now characters from Frozen are still super popular.

Your kids may want Anna, Elsa, or Olof.

Anyone from Paw Patrol or a superhero, these are the most popular that I see. When children dress up for parties there is usually a theme. Pirate parties are a lot of fun for both girls and boys.

Tea parties or princess parities for little girls are still a standard.

princess costumes

All the Disney princesses can be found in the costume shop and just plain princess dresses can be found too.


PJ Mask, Paw Patrol, and the Ninja Turtles are great costume themes for little boys.

Ninja Turtles costumes

Lego and Starwars are still popular and a new trend emerging is shopkins. Shopkins would be a great theme for boys and girls. Harry Potter, Moana, Alana of Avalon, Shimmer and Shine are some of the newer ones. Harry Potter, I guess not so much. Harry Potter would be a great one for the whole family to enjoy.

Well, by now I’m just listing all the characters and if you have kids, they are for sure going to tell you what they what to dress up as at their birthday party. Its nice to give all these kids a break from school and get into their creative minds and plan a costume party.



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